Nationwide Give Away: $25 B & N Gift Card Plus Smart Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

This is a guest post from Andrew Royster, the President of Andrew Royster Insurance Agency.  I asked him if he would mind writing an article for A Frugal Chick about how to save on your insurance without compromising your coverage.  I think it’s a VERY confusing topic but with everyone looking to cut back on expenses right now, knowing everything you can about your insurance makes sense!

 Across the country, people continue to look for ways to stretch their budgets and cut costs. But when trying to cut costs on auto insurance, consumers should be wary of making penny wise, pound foolish decisions that could put them at risk financially.

In a rush to save money, be careful not to cut corners in areas that help protect you and your family. Although it is important to save money in the short-term, you could find yourself unable to pay for your auto repairs or for liabilities to others in the case of an accident. Since insurance is designed to help protect consumers against the unknown, it can be difficult to know how much protection is needed.

Here are some pointers to keep yourself protected while still saving money:

1. Slow down. Drivers who have had accidents or serious traffic violations usually pay more than those with clean driving records, so consider safe driving a financial investment (for example with Allstate’s safe driving discount, safe drivers can save up to 20 percent.)

2. Buy the right car. A car’s value, age, safety record and repair costs, as well as the likelihood that it could get stolen, all help determine insurance premiums. Also, certain car features may generate insurance savings. For example in most states, a car equipped with factory-installed anti-lock brakes can save you up to 10%, and airbags or motorized seatbelts could reduce your premium up to 30 percent. A brand-new, never-been-titled car could reduce your premium by 5-20 percent, depending on the state and model-year of a vehicle. (Note from Laura – I am leaving this in because it is true information but one day I will probably write a post about how I think you should never buy a brand new car. Make sure to consider the depreciation and interest rate if you are not paying cash.)

3. Pay your bill through automatic withdrawal. Many insurance companies offer payment choices through automatic withdrawal. (For example the Allstate® Easy Pay Plan offers automatic withdrawal from a person’s account and may provide a discount of up to 5% on premium, depending on the state.)

4. Study hard. In most states, full-time students who meet GPA requirements could save on auto insurance premiums with a discount of 10-20 percent.

Five things to think twice about:

1. Your deductible. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium; however, you should make sure you can afford to pay your deductible if you have an accident. Raising a deductible higher than you can afford could prevent you from being able to fully repair your car after an accident.

2. Your liability limits. If you’re at fault in an accident, you could be held legally responsible for the medical and repair costs of others. Liability coverage can help protect policyholders from these potentially devastating expenses.

3. Uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage can protect you if you are injured in an auto accident caused by someone with no insurance. A recent report by the Insurance Research Council predicts that the percentage of uninsured motorists will increase nationally from 13.8 in 2007 to 16.1 percent in 2010. Consumers should review their auto insurance policies to ensure they have the coverage amounts they need.

4.  Personal injury or medical payments coverage.  Accidents are never planned, but planning ahead with the right insurance coverage can make a huge difference following an accident with injury. Medical Payments coverage helps pay for medical treatment for accident-related injuries. Personal Injury Protection helps reimburse people for lost income, child care expenses, medical expenses, and other costs that may result from accident injuries. Check with your local agent to find out which of these coverages are offered in your state.

5. Comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage helps protect cars in situations that don’t necessarily involve other drivers or vehicles such as damage from a storm or natural disaster, vandalism, or even a falling tree. Since policies typically cap coverage at the actual cash value of the car, the older your car is, the more you might consider dropping this coverage.

Okay back to Laura from here on out:

I thought Andrew did a great job laying out some money saving tips on insurance.  I have learned a few things from reading this and will be pulling my policy up online to review it.  Oh but wait… I don’t have to!

Currently, the Andrew Royster Insurance Agency is offering A Frugal Chick readers – Allstate customers or not – a free review of their current insurance limits and deductibles through the “Good Hands Coverage Check-up.”  They will take the time to review everything with you and suggest where you may need more or less coverage.  You can contact them through their facebook page or find their contact information here.  I hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity.

So now onto the Give Away!  Andrew has given me a $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card to give to one lucky reader.  You can enter up to 3 times using each of these methods:

1-  Leave a comment on this post telling me the last time you reviewed your car insurance and how much money you saved!

2- Like “The Andrew Royster Insurance Agency” on facebook.  Then leave a comment on this post telling me you did!

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This contest will continue until May 11th at noon.  Then I will pick the winner using  Once the winner has been selected I will e-mail them and as long as I hear back within 24 hours they will receive the $25 Barnes and Noble card!

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  1. Eugenie says

    I reviewed my car insurance last year. It’s a good deal so no switching for now.

  2. Briana Kaley says

    1- Leave a comment on this post telling me the last time you reviewed your car insurance and how much money you saved!
    Well, I reviewed it and edited it in March of this year, and I think I saved about a hundred bucks per year.

    2- Like “The Andrew Royster Insurance Agency” on facebook. Then leave a comment on this post telling me you did!

    3- Like “A Frugal Chick” on facebook. Then leave a comment on this post telling me you did!

    I did all three! :-)

  3. Katie i. says

    My husband just reviewed our policy. Not sure how much money we saved, but he did sign me up for an accident forgiveness plan that waived my last accident. I know that has saved us a ton of money!

  4. Lindsay says

    I like A Frugal Chick on Facebook (Lindsay Lee)

    linzcoupons at gmail dot com

  5. Lindsay says

    I like The Andrew Royster Insurance Agency on Facebook (Lindsay Lee)

    linzcoupons at gmail dot com

  6. Lindsay says

    My husband and I just changed our car insurance over to another company and are going to be saving $15 a month by switching over to this other company and we also are getting more coverage with the new company!!! =)

    linzcoupons at gmail dot com

  7. Katie S. says

    My hubby takes care of the home and auto insurance and he told me that he checks it every year. I believe him because he watches every penny we have or use… its good and bad.

  8. Aimee says

    I just reviewed mine over my birthday and it dropped $20/month!

    aimeeguise at gmail dot com

  9. Maggie Navarro-Bowring says

    Liked, frugalchick on FB
    Reviewed insurance a month ago..stayed with same insurance..


  10. Roberta D says

    I liked you on facebook and i reviewed my car insurance last month, i cant get a lower rate than with my current company USAA.

  11. Danne Ruby says

    We are curretly checking into ours by comparing AARP rates. We’ve been with Geico for years w/ no complaints, but as new AARP members thought it couldn’t hurt to check.

  12. Brandie Schmidt says

    I just switched to allstate from state farm and save about 30 dollars a month!

  13. Eileen says

    LIKED Andrew Royster INsurance on FAcebook! eileen richter

    and now cant get the Nationwide little song outta my head!


  14. Eileen says

    We probably haven’t reveiwed for a good 4 years. So guess we are not saving much. We have a company from my husband’s HOME town and he hates to price shop for insurance cuz is a afraid to look cheap. I say WE WANT good coverage for cheap and this guy should be looking out for us in the first place. customers for over 20 years!

    thanks a bunch for hosting. My 11 year old would ADORE the book card!

  15. alison says

    we last reviewed our ins about 3 months ago when we moved and saved about 100.00

  16. Samanha Linneman says

    I checked rates on my insurance 2 years ago and saved $200 per year.

  17. Dee says

    I reviewed my car insurance about 8 months ago and I saved around two hundred bucks which was great! :)

  18. Joan G says

    Seriously, I dont know when the last time was that I reviewed my insurance, but I just was talking to my “other-half” about it yesterday!

  19. Maria Malaveci says

    Like “The Andrew Royster Insurance Agency” on facebook

    mmalavec at

  20. Maria Malaveci says

    My husband always reviews our car insurance, and I know it was recently.

    mmalavec at

  21. diane says

    Reviewed my insurance about 9 months ago….dont find much difference in different policies

  22. bethypants says

    we reviewed our car insurance in december and wound up moving my husband from his company to mine to save a couple hundred dollars.

  23. ACMommy3 says

    We reviewed our insurance a few months ago with a sale of a vehicle + purchasing a new vehicle…and saved a couple hundred! :-) Great article!!

  24. Julie Powers says

    Like “A Frugal Chick” and “Andrew Royster Insurance Agency” on fb. :-)

  25. Michelle says

    Reviewed our insurance last week. Only we weren’t able to reduce any – we added…we added a new teen driver!

  26. Tonia Kolantis says

    I reviewed my policy in December during a lesson I was teaching my high school classes. My students wanted me to review my own policy, and I ended up saving almost $400 for the year. What an eye-opener!

  27. Mary Beth Elderton says

    We reviewed ours just a month ago, when we removed a car we sold. We got a pretty good deal in the changeover.

  28. Lindsey Griems says

    I have not reviewed my car insurance since I bought the policy. This post is making me think that I should… lol

  29. Marleen V says

    We’ve just always been with State Farm…so it’s been 15+ years since I’ve had our insurance re-evaluated with another carrier…SF does it every 6 months or so internally.

  30. Erin says

    I switched to Andrew Royster Allstate and Financial Services in December. He was able to thoroughly explain my current policy and got me BETTER coverage for the same rate I was paying with my previous company. I also have an appointment to sit down with Andrew next month to begin a life insurance policy.

  31. says

    I like The Andrew Royster Insurance Agency and A Frugal Chick on Facebook. And I just reviewed my insurance and didnt save any money.

  32. says

    We pay our insurance every 6 months. When I get the bill, I call our agent for a check-in to make sure we are still good to go!

  33. katie a says

    I reviewed my insurance last 3 months ago and i havent really saved any over last year

  34. says

    I reviewed my insurance about a year ago and saved $50 a month! That is $600 a year :)

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  35. Mary Ward says

    We actually just changed our insurance after a review. We saved around $100. It pays to review it every so often.

  36. Kerry says

    I review every 6 months but haven’t saved anything in awhile, our insurance is dirt cheap as it is.

    alsatia23 at hotmail dot com

  37. amy m says

    The last time I renewed my policy was just one month ago and we dropped a vehicle and added another one! Same price though

  38. Just Coupons says

    I reviewed ours last month when we removed one car from our policy and added another. Didn’t save any money though.

  39. June L says

    I have never really reviewed our insurance because I kind of leave that one to my husband since what we got seems cheap.

  40. Jen G says

    We just bought a new car and our policy only changed $8. We reviewed our policy about 3 months ago and our current insurance was the lowest rate.

  41. Jenifer Lingenfelter says

    I liked “Andrew Royster Agency” on Facebook! I also liked “A Frugal Chick” on Facebook.

  42. Mari says

    I’ve never had it reviewed, as far as I know. I must ask my dh, though, because he takes care of car related issues.

  43. Kellie says

    I reviewed my insurance just two months ago and ended up saving about $30 a month!! That is $360 in a year. I was very impressed ;D

  44. Penny says

    I reviewed my car insurance a few months ago, we have saved quite a bit of money by doing so!

  45. says

    renewed/checked rates in march. don’t remember any big $ savings but understood more ABOUT my insurance than before i checked,

  46. Suzanne says

    We just filled out a form to review ours, haven’t heard back from the savings yet…But we have our car and homeowners insurance with the same people, so we save that way too.

  47. emily pixler says

    We reviewed our insurance a couple of months ago, and it actually went up due to purchasing a different vehicle!

  48. emily pixler says

    I like a frugal chick on facebook! Thanks for offering such a great service!

  49. linda coggins says

    I just reviewed in April. Have all the savings until we qualify for a new one in October.

  50. Charlotte Doherty says

    I last reviewed my insurance in October. We have everything bundled: two cars full coverage, life insurance x 2, and a baby life insurance, and renters all with one company. Great rates!

  51. Mami2jcn says

    I like The Andrew Royster Insurance Agency on Facebook with my username Mary Happymommy.

  52. Angie says

    My husband and I reviewed our car insurance last year after not doing it for several years. We ended up saving $300 just because of where we moved to two years ago because we are no longer considered to be in a high crime area. Our agent was also able to give us another $100 off our yearly insurance rate for not having any accidents or tickets in the past 5 years!

  53. karen thomas says

    I have nationwide ins. I feel really good knowing that they Are only a phonecall away and my whole family is covered. I have a teenage driver and she has learned lots from tutorials on the website. I love my nationalwide family.

  54. Phyllis diTommaso says

    I just discovered the frugal chick and am liking her on FB. I haven’t reviewed our insurance as I have been with the same company since I was16 and they have been good to me.

  55. says

    I liked “The Andrew Royster Insurance Agency” on facebook.

    I also liked “A Frugal Chick” on facebook. (that was a while ago though)

    The last time I reviwed my car insurance was when I had to add another vehicle to my insurance. We already save a lot compared to other insurance. Gotta Love USAA!

  56. john gray says

    The wife and i review our insurance policy about a year ago and rasied our deductable from $100 to $500 and saved alot just by doing that.

  57. Sarah Russell says

    We just reviewed it a couple months ago and actually found that it was cheaper to go with another company! Since then, we have cut our insurance costs in HALF!!