Nationwide Give Away: 2012 Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar

Have you seen the new cow calendars yet?  If you aren’t familiar with them it’s a 2012 calendar with coupons for AWESOME Chick-fil-A deals.

And I have two to give away to my readers! 

I am going to make this contest very simple.  You can enter up to 2 times:

1- Leave me a comment on this post (leaving me a comment on facebook will not work because I need your contact info) telling me your favorite item at Chick-fil-A.

2- Leave me another comment letting me know if you follow me on facebook.  If you don’t already, just click here to follow me and then leave me a comment letting me know!

Thats it!  I will pick winners on November 21st so I can mail them before the post office gets crazy.  The winners will have 24 hours to respond and then I will select other winners.

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  1. Jessica Cargile says

    I LOVE the chicken biscuits! Chicken is my favorite food anyway, so what could be better than a restaurant dedicated to all things chicken?! Love that that place.

  2. Andrea C. says

    And I have been following you on Facebook for a while now :) Love your blog and I always find out your great deals through your Facebook feeds and your emails!

  3. Andrea C. says

    I love these calendars! This would keep me from buying one this year :) My favorite items there are their nuggets and there Chik’n minis at breakfast! Love it all though and so does my boyfriend and son! Yummy! You have me wanting it right now!

  4. Chanel Bennett says

    My favorite is the chicken biscuit! It seems I always crave one on a Sun. morning though:)

  5. debbie ackiss says

    My favorite is the grillled chicken sandwich. I discovered you on Sunday mornings on WVEC. I then began following you on your website and facebook. I look forward to your segment on Sunday mornings. I even told my sister one time, when we were talking long distance that I’d have to hang up because your segment was just about to come on. She said “No. Just go on line when we hang up.” It wasn’t the same. LOL

  6. Sharita Simons says

    My favorite thing from Chick-fil-A is the original Chick-fil-A sandwich with a some of their coleslaw on it…sounds crazy but tastes great!

  7. Karen Johnson says

    I love their chicken strips salad, always fresh greens and no yucky old stuff, and I use Ranch dressing!

  8. angelforshort says

    I love the original chicken sandwich. McDonald’s tried, but they just can’t recreate that taste. It was a huge craving when I was pregnant, and we had to drive quite a way to get it!

  9. Chrissy peed says

    I absolutely love your blog, and of course all the awesome stuff you give away!!! Thank you giving your readers such a great chance to win amazing prizes!!

  10. Karen Dunn says

    Been a fan on facebook for quite awhile, so enjoy your Sunday morning visits on WVEC, facebook posts, and on twitter. Gosh I might be a stalker not really.

  11. Karen Dunn says

    Absolutely go wild over the original chicken sandwich for they bring me back to when I was young enough to eat fast food and not worry about anything that I put into my mouth. Now they are a treat for once every so often.

  12. Cynthia Dunne says

    My favorite thing at Chik-Fil-A is their spicy chicken deluxe sandwich. Also I have “liked” your FB page a while back and enjoy it. Thanks !!

  13. Dawn Kriigel says

    My favorite item is the chicken mini’s (bordering on obsession) and unsweet tea with lemon

  14. Debbie says

    I love Chick-fil-A! My favorite item is a chicken sandwich! Yum!! I would love to win a calendar with all the coupons. Thanks for all you do to help us save money!!

  15. says

    I follow you here on your blog and on Facebook. I enjoy the new things I find everyday. It is wonderful you take the time to respond to your avid readers, and still have time for your family, reviews and giveaways. Thanks for all you do!

  16. crystal jordan says

    Ialways get the chargrilled wrap combo. But myfavorite thing is the Peppermint shake! Yum!

  17. Tanya Mason says

    I love chick fil A , I always eat the grilled chicken sandwich and a medium fruit cup and the diet lemonade.

  18. kbbkbb0 says

    I have always ordered the original chicken sandwich – no butter, no pickle. These days I feel a little guilty and should order the grilled chicken, but there is no comparison!

  19. says

    I follow you on facebook and I love the grilled chicken salad at Chic Fil A (my favorite!). I would love to be able to eat there with your calendar coupons! Thanks.

  20. Debra Radaker says

    My favorite item at Chick-fil-A? Hard one but guess it’s the chicken strips (well, the cookies and cream milkshakes aren’t too shabby either!)

  21. Jackie Ehrlich says

    My fav at Chik-fil-A is the grilled chicken sandwich and a milkshake!

    Love your site, thanks for all the work you do for us!!!

  22. Amy M. says

    Awesome! I love your site and love seeing you on TV in the morning sometimes :)
    Please send me the calendar for Chickfila!

  23. karen jordan says

    Don’t follow facebook much–I mainly got on to get Nabisco coupons! Now I follow my family’s posts for the kids’ pics, but that’s pretty much it–I am not “up” on things like my younger relatives!!

  24. Karen Washington says

    Hi – I watch you on Channel 13 on Sunday mornings. I have become a coupon junkie and I thank you so much. You help folks save money

  25. Tracy Robison says

    Being single mom and working long hours, eating out is a luxury. But my son and I do love Chick filet and we both love the waffle fries and chicken club!

  26. Michele says

    I started following you on facebook yesterday!!! I love the posts! Thank you for all of your helpful information… it is greatly apprieciated!

  27. Michele says

    I love a #1 (Chicken Sandwich meal) extra pickles and a sweet tea with lemon…. and of course to make it 100x better Chick-fil-a sauce…. mmmm yummy!!

  28. Jenni James says

    Hi Laura,
    I am actually trying to get this calendar for my 19 year old son whom loves the chic-fil-a sandwich and milkshakes. He was in a very bad car accident in August (I thank God everyday he is still here) and now has TBI (traumatic brain injury). He is doing very well and has his hearty appetite back and I know would truly enjoy the calendar full of coupons! Thank you!

  29. Kerry says

    Also yes I follow you on FB. Thanks for the heads up on the $5 Busch Gardens Christmas Town Tix. Was lucky enough to get 3 for myself, hubby and daughter to go.

  30. Kristi Deen says

    I have a lifelong obsession with the Chick-Fil-A fried chicken sandwich with no pickles, it is so addicting and the bomb. Fell in love in the 80s and have never strayed ; ) nor will I ever.

  31. Alex says

    I would love the calendar, it would be my first. My son and I love their Oringinal Chicken Sandwich! Yum!

  32. Eva says

    I love prety much everything at chick fila but here is what I always get for lunch. Spicy chicken sandwich on their new Goden wheat bun with waffle fries and a diet lemonade. I also just tried their holiday chocolate mint shake and I love it.

  33. Vicki Tkach says

    I love the Chick-Fil-A cow mascot!!!! They had it at a recent high school football game I went to and we had so much fun!!!! Chick- Fil-A make an awesome chicken sandwich!!!!

  34. Tonya B. says

    I LOVE the waffle fries, they are the BEST !!!! Not only that, but everything on the menu is delicious and better for you then those dang greasy burgers !!!~! LOVE CHIK-FIL-A !!

  35. Chanel Bennett says

    I have been following you on fb for months now, and must say I get excited waiting to see your deals everyday!! Thanks so much!!

  36. Emily Lehmer says

    UUGGHH forgot to post my favorite item, well one of everything, but my really favorite are the waffle fries YYUUMMYY!!

  37. Tiffany G says

    I already follow you on Facebook :)
    Thanks again for the opportunity to win a 2012 Chick-Fil-A-Cow-Calendar!!

  38. Emily Lehmer says

    Would love the 2012 chick fil a calendar they are the best. I’ve had one for the past three years and use up every coupon.

    Thank you

  39. Tiffany G says

    I love the original chicken sandwich with lettuce, mayo and pickles! :)

    LOVE Chick-Fil-A and A Frugal Chick!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  40. shawn knowles says

    i follow u on f/b and use to on the news until they took channel 5 off air……i luv me some chick-fil-a

  41. Kim says

    I love the original sandwich. All i think I ate when I was pregnant with my daughter was Chik-fil-a.

  42. Whitney says

    I love the chicken egg and cheese bagel and the original chicken sandwich…all 3 of my little boys LOVE the nuggets!! We would LOVE the calendar

  43. Risha Cross says

    I like the Nuggets at chickfila best, probably! These calendars are great and make great gifts for teachers, bus drivers, etc :O)

  44. Lauren Rowe says

    Hmmm….really hard to just pick one favorite combo, considering I eat there 2-3 times a week. I would have to say the spicy chicken wrap combo with spicy dressing, fruitcup instead of fries, and a half sweet/half unsweet tea. Yea, I’m complicated. :))) I LOVE CHICKFILA!!

  45. Amanda Stallings-Wood says

    I love Grilled Chicken Sand….or well anything chick-fil-a. Let me not lie!!! I love it all!

  46. christi baham willie says

    Have followed you for some time now and I love your site on FB!!!
    Thank you for all your help in saving for me!!!!!

  47. Kari Howell says

    I love everything they have! I guess if I have to pick one thing it would be the Original Chick-fil-a Sandwich.

  48. Jennifer Holley says

    I guess I would say my favorite is the Original Chick-fil-A Sandwich, but it is so hard to choose!

  49. Cheryl Z says

    I love chickfila nuggets, with the chickfila white sauce! AmAzInG….I also follow you on facebook. :)

  50. Lisa Littleton says

    I love the original chicken sandwich and I substitute the waffle fries for the fruit. Yummy!!

  51. DebbyM says

    Picking just ONE thing is tough (lol)….but love their chicken sandwich – so moist and juicy….but you can’t have one of those without the waffle fries…and the sweet tea.

    Debby =)

  52. says

    I always order the grill chicken sandwich. Hot, fresh and healthy lunch! Love their calendars…so funny and great coupons. Thanks for the facebook reminder. I’m still learning the whole facebook thing. Finding out interesting things that my grown children do and tell their friends, but guess what? Mom now knows too! So, as of today, I’m following you on facebook because I love your site and your Sunday morning appearances on TV.

  53. Lucy says

    I always order an original chicken sandwich with extra pickles, waffle fries, and lemonade easy on the ice. :) My son calls it the moo-moo place!

  54. Suzanne says

    My favorite thing to get is the chargrilled fruit salad. And then I get waffle fries and lemonade :)

  55. Sarah Smith says

    My favorite at Chick-Fil-A is the chick’n minis for breakfast, smeared with grape jelly, and a half sweet tea/half lemonade to wash it all down!!

  56. Lee Ann says

    I always check your site and just clicked to check you on FB – I guess that means I’m set up to get your posts – I hope:)

  57. Brenetta says

    I enjoy everything I have ever eaten at Chick-fil-a. If I had to make a choice, it would be the original chicken sandwhich.

  58. Rh Whitley says

    LOVE the Chocolate Chip peppermint Shakes ;0) and I do follow you on facebook. Plus I have you as a live feed on my toolbar. Thanks for all you do.

  59. Karen Clement says

    Yes, I do follow you on Facebook. I appreciate all the deals you have posted since this is a learning process. I was at your coupon class at 3:00 this past Sarturday at Marie’s in Hampton. Thank you for the Tide coupon! I love Chick Fil A, especially their chicken strips…but now I get the chicken strip salad. I don’t feel as guilty since there is lettuce with he strips!

  60. says

    Ok my 2nd thing it says to do (I just said it in my orig post) but YES I follow you on Facebook..that’s where I learned about the ChicFila Cow Calendar Contest along with all the other daily/weekly grocery/drug store deals! AND I took your coupon class!! Now to win…

  61. says

    Yes I follow you on Facebook and I took your coupon class! And I enjoy checking out all your updated info on snagging the great daily/weekly deals!! Now to win this ChickFilA calendar so I can save me some money. I am a daily visitor of ChickFila as my favorite DIET food is their grilled chicken sandwich on wheat bun plain add a side of bbq sauce mix it with one packet of honey and you got yourself a yummy dipping sauce..if I’m correct I believe the WW points plus value is 7 for the sandwich..I tell the clerks at ChickFilA my bank statement could win for the most used at ChickFila! They all know us at almost all hampton roads locations..we were sitting at the ChickFila in Richmond when we had the earthquake this summer…:)
    Hope I win to save money!!

  62. Tiffany says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chick-fil-a!!!! I actually ate dinner there tonight!! Super friendly environment and awesome play room for my daughter! :)

  63. Karen P says

    What’s not to love about Chick-fil-A!?! But my fav item is definitely the Cookies & Cream milkshake!

  64. Mary Becker says

    Call me boring, but the traditonal fried chicken samdwich on a white bun sans pickle is my favorite.

  65. Lee Wrench says

    I would have to say my favorite is the sandwich’s. I follow you on FB, because I share your information with the rest of the people on my base.

  66. Sabrina G says

    The Chargrilled Chicken Club Sandwich would be my first fav item! (Love their roasted bbq sauce)


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