Extreme Couponing- Fraud Again

I know.  You are shocked.  You can’t believe that any unethical couponing could happen on reality television.  And yet here it is again.

And this time the big guys noticed.  The Coupon Information Corporation has released a statement that coupon fraud was shown on Extreme Couponing the TLC show.

Because I quit watching the show (due to the fact that my head would explode once viewed) I missed the episode with the 16 year old couponer “Joel.”  According to online plot summaries Joel used 34 coupons for a “free 12 pack of toilet paper.”  Turns out the coupons were fradulent.

The crazy thing is that the register told them it was an error.  The screen said “INELIGIBLE VALUE CODE IN FORMAT CODE 992 COUPON” and what did the manager do? Overrode it anyway.  Not a chance in any store in my town would that happen.  A coupon for an item valued at $11.99, the register denies it and the manager just says okay?  HA!

After the show the grocery store sent in those 34 coupons.  And guess what they got back- NOTHING.  What did the store do?  Made his mom come in and pay for the toilet paper.

I won’t get into whether or not Joel knew what was going on or where the coupons came from- that’s all guess work.

But just remember- saving 93% on your groceries is not normal.  Be an honest, ethical and happy couponer!

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  1. tiffany says

    I remember that show. I laughed when I read this. I live in Suffolk and I agree that no way would any local store ever just say o-well. Good on the manufacturer for refusing to pay.

  2. Faith says

    I really dislike that show, people who are not honest are making it a lot harder for the rest of us who follow the rules. UG!

  3. Kelley says

    Wow. That show is utterly ridiculous. I don’t understand why the management at the stores featured on the show would allow these “Extreme” couponers to commit fraud this way. Don’t they realize that they’re just encouraging this behavior? Please, everyone, do not watch this show. Doing so only helps their ratings and helps them continue filming.

    This show encourages unethical and dishonest methods of saving money. It’s essentially a how-to video for stealing by using coupons. It makes me sick and what’s worse, it’s making it harder for honest couponers to save money. Between the fanatics clearing shelves and stealing coupons, and store employees becoming suspicious of anyone presenting a coupon, it’s destroying an honest method of money-saving.