Simple Steps

How much of a “value” is it?

by Laura October 13, 2009 Simple Steps

What do diapers and yogurt have in common?

Bigger is not always better.

I got an e-mail from a friend of mine in Florida, Leanna, about a recent discovery she made at the store.

“Did you know that when you buy Gogurt at Wal-mart you have two choices- you can buy an 8 pack or the [...]

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Step #5- Follow the Plan

by Laura September 18, 2009 Simple Steps

This is the last of a 5 post series on getting your budget under control. In case you are just joining me, here are the first four steps. They contain some very useful spreadsheets in trying to analyze your current situation:

Step One: Decide It’s Time for the Truth
Step Two:

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Step #4: Make a plan

by Laura September 13, 2009 Simple Steps

So you have your budget and your debt in black and white, laid out on spreadsheets forcing you to deal with the reality of your finances. Now it’s time to make a plan. A million suggestions are on-line with steps to take to reduce those bills. Here are a few of the most popular:

1- Memberships. [...]

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Step # 3- Take a Look at Your Debt

by Laura September 10, 2009 Simple Steps

So you have acknowledged that some changes in your finances might be smart.  And you have taken the time to do your budget and figure out where your money is and should be going.  Now it’s time to look at my least favorite four letter word: DEBT.

Try to get the most recent numbers [...]

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Step # 2: Where Your Money Goes Now

by Laura September 5, 2009 Simple Steps

After a successful night of helping out a friend, I feel confident in sharing with you the second step in trying to get a firm grasp on your finances. Remember that step one was getting all financially responsible (or irresponsible) parties together and promising to be honest about how things are.

The next step is [...]

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Step #1: Decide It’s Time for the Truth

by Laura September 3, 2009 Simple Steps

I wrote this post earlier today and ironically ended up having a conversation at dinner tonight with a friend who wants me to help her with her finances. Without even meaning to, this is the first step I walked her through on her road to getting her finances together. I think it really is the [...]

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