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Donate Boost Coupons to Help Cancer Patients

by Laura January 11, 2011 Simple Steps

This is an unbelievably cool chance to use coupons to help some cancer patients! 

I just went online and did some research and there are several posting boards talking about the benefits of drinking Boost while going through chemotherapy.  Because of the extreme weight loss often experienced, doctors recommend drinking Boost to help combat the sides effects.

If [...]

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Budget 2011: Easy Ways To Reduce Your Spending

by Laura January 9, 2011 Simple Steps

Sometimes making small changes in your life can make big changes in your budget.  Here are a few simple steps to check out:

1.  Start Eating In- Limit how often you eat out.  When you choose to eat out, use places with coupons and eat dessert at home!

2.  Check Recurring Payments- Review your club memberships and [...]

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Budget 2011 Websites: Shop At Home

by Laura January 9, 2011 Simple Steps

If you have spent any time on you know I have a slight obsession with ebates. 

But there is a very similiar site called Shop At Home that many people recommend.

Stop at Home, like ebates, gives you a percentage cash back for on-line purchases you make.  Once your rebate gets up [...]

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I Finally Did It- I Bought My Television

by Laura January 7, 2011 Simple Steps

If you have been following A Frugal Chick for a while you know that periodically in a post I mention that I have been saving for a new television.  I take FOREVER to make big decisions like this and research it until I know more than I need to.

Oh and my goal was to get [...]

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Give Freely 1/5/11

by Laura January 5, 2011 Simple Steps

Welcome to Give Freely!

One in five Americans deals daily with the issue of not having enough to eat.  Many of those are children.  As couponers, we have the unique opportunity to buy items at extremely reduced prices (or even free) to feed our families. 

The goal is Give Freely is to present you each week with freebies [...]

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Budget 2011: Organize Your Computer For Maximum Savings

by Laura January 3, 2011 Simple Steps

There are several small things you can do on your computer to help maximize your savings when you shop!  Here are a few simple ones:

1.  Create a new e-mail address- Coupons and special sales codes are often sent through e-mail and can clutter your inbox leaving messages from friends and family lost in the middle of [...]

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Budget 2011 Websites: Eversave

by Laura January 2, 2011 Simple Steps

I did a nice little post on Eversave when they offered a $5 bonus to anyone who signed up before December 31st.  At that point I didn’t have alot of experience with Eversave.  Now that I have researched it I have a little bit better idea of how to maximize the site to [...]

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Budget 2011: Shopping the Thrift/Second-Hand Stores

by Laura January 1, 2011 Simple Steps

A good used clothing store is a gold mine.  I will tell you any money saving secret I have EXCEPT my favorite thrift stores.  Those are for me to know!

One of the big ways you can save in 2011 is to utilize thrift or second hand stores for clothing.  As a kid I loved going [...]

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Budget 2011: The Great Clothes Hanger Trick

by Laura December 26, 2010 Simple Steps

Hopefully by now you have cleaned out your closets, made your donations and are prepared to sell your valuable unused items.

However if you just can’t bring yourself to part with your clothing I have a suggestion you may try for the new year (remember the average female only wears about 30% of what is [...]

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Budget 2011: Check Your Bank Statement for Fees

by Laura December 18, 2010 Simple Steps

This is the third in a series on things to do BEFORE 2011 to get your budget in order.  To check out my other posts click here and here

Sometime in the next week or so you will probably get a bank statement in the mail.  If you are one of those people who [...]

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