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Black Friday 2012: The Best Prices on Wii

Posted By Laura On November 15, 2012 @ 10:41 am In Black Friday 2012 | Comments Disabled

Thinking of grabbing a Wii this holiday season?

While this may not be one of the hot items anymore I still use mine all the time to stream to my television.

If you have contemplated getting rid of cable and streaming Netflix to your television I have found it pretty easy to do with my Wii!


Here are the best deals around town (and on the web!)

School Supply Item
Good Sale Price
Stock Up Price
Baby Wipes72 Count$1.50$1.00
Binder (3 Ring- 1 inch)1 Count$1.00$0.50
Clorox Wipes35 Count$2.00$1.50
Composition Notebook (One Subject)1 Count$0.33$0.17
Composition Notebook (Three Subject)1 Count$1.44$0.75
Composition Notebook (Five Subject)1 Count$3.00$1.50
Colored Pencils (Other)12 Count$0.50$0.40
Crayola Colored Pencils12 Count$0.75$0.50
Crayola Crayons24 Count$0.25$0.15
Crayola Markers8 Count$0.75$0.50
Crayola Washable Markers8 Count$1.50$0.97
Crayola Washable Paint Sets1 Count$1.50$1.00
Crayons- Other Brands12 Count$0.40$0.25
Erasers (Pink/White)2 Count$0.33$0.25
Erasers (Cap Multipack)10 Count$0.45$0.25
Expo Dry Erase Markers4 Count$2.00$1.50
Folder (2 pocket)1 Count$0.10$0.05
Folder (3 prong)1 Count$0.25$0.10
Glue- White (Elmers)8 oz$0.33$0.25
Glue- White (Other)1 Count$0.25$0.20
Glue Sticks (Elmers)2 Count$0.33$0.25
Glue Sticks (Other)2 Count$0.40$0.20
Graph Paper500 Count$11.50$7.00
Hand Sanitizer8 oz$2.00$1.50
Highlighters (Multi-Pack)2 Count$1.00$0.50
Highlighters (Single)1 Count$0.35$0.25
Index Cards100 Count$0.33$0.20
Kleenex (Single)1 Count$0.75$0.50
Markers (Dry Erase)4 Count$2.00$1.50
Notebook Paper (Narrow Ruled)200 Sheets$0.99$0.50
Notebook Paper (Wide Ruled)200 Sheets$0.99$0.50
Paper (Copy/Print)500 Sheets$2.75$2.00
Pencil Box1 Count$1.00$0.50
Pencils (Mechanical)8 Count$0.75$0.50
Pencils (Yellow #2)20 Count$0.75$0.50
Pencil Sharpener1 Count$0.25$0.15
Pens (Black/Blue BIC)10 Count$0.50$0.25
Pens (Pilot Gel Pens)10 Count$2.00$1.50
Pens (Other Brand Blue/Black)10 Count$0.40$0.20
Pens (Red)10 Count$0.50$0.25
Post It Notes1 Count$0.50$0.40
Ruler 12"1 Count$0.20$0.15
Scissors- Kids1 Count$0.75$0.40
Tabbed Dividers5-8 Count$0.75$0.50
Tape (Multipack)3 Count$0.75$0.50
Tape (Singles)1 Count$0.65$0.40
Wite Out1 Count$0.75$0.50

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