Beverage Deals of the Week 6/29

Each week The Coupon Challenge, Mom on Dealz and A Frugal Chick put together a list of the best beverage deals around from both local and nationwide stores.

Here are the finds for this week:

Farm Fresh: Natural Ice, Icehouse or Pabst Blue Ribbon (24-pk can) $12.49
Farm Fresh: Red Stripe Lager (12-pk btl) $12.99
Farm Fresh: Yuengling (12-pk btl) $8.99
Farm Fresh: Bud, Miller or Coors (24-pk can) $13.99
Farm Fresh: Corona(12-pk btl) $10.99
Farm Fresh: Sam Adams (12-pk btl) $13.99
Farm Fresh: Blue Moon (12-pk btl) $13.99
Farm Fresh: Miller High Life (12-pk btl) $6.49
Food Lion: Corona and Corona Light (12 pk bottles) $12.99
Food Lion: Miller High Life (12 pk bottles) $5.99
Food Lion: Samuel Adams (12 pk bottles) $14.49
Food Lion: Yuengling (12 pk bottles) $8.99
Food Lion: Smirnoff or Mike’s Hard Lemonade (6 pk bottles) $6.99
Food Lion: Budweiser, Miller or Coors Family (24 pk cans) $13.99
Harris Teeter: Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Family, Coors Lt or Yuengling 24 pk $13.99
Harris Teeter: Corona Extra, Modelo, Pacifico, Stella Artois, Heineken, or Amstel Lt 12 pk $10.99
Harris Teeter: Sam Adams 12 pk $13.99
Kroger: Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light (24-pk can) $11.99
Kroger: Sam Adams, Boston Lager, Pale Ale (12-pk btl) $12.99
Kroger: Blue Moon (12-pk btl) $12.99
Kroger: Miller High Life and Busch (12-pk can) $11.99
Kroger: Michelob Light or Michelob Ultra (12-pk btl) $9.99
Kroger: Yuengling Lager (24-pk can) $15.49
Rite Aid: Budweiser, Bud Light, Budweiser Select, Miller Lite, Miller genuine Draft, Coors light or Yuengling (24-pk can) $14.99
Rite Aid: Busweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft (18-pk btl) $12.99
Rite Aid: Miller High Life, Keystone Light, Icehouse, Busch, Busch Light, Natural Light, or Natural Ice (24-pk can) $11.99
Walgreens: Miller, Budweiser, Bud Light, or Coors LIght 18 pk $11.99
Walgreens: Yuengling or Michelob Ultra 12 pk $9.49
Walgreens: Big Flats 1901 Beer 6 Pack $2.99

Farm Fresh: Yellow wines (1.5lt) $10.99
Farm Fresh: Toasted Head Wines (750ml) $10.99
Farm Fresh: Menage a Trois Red, White or Rose (750ml) $9.99
Farm Fresh: Smoking Loon Wines (750ml) $8.99
Farm Fresh: Duplin Wines (750ml) $7.49
Farm Fresh: Chill Out (750ml) $5
Farm Fresh: Barefoot Wine (1.5lt) $9.99
Farm Fresh: Flip Flop Wine (750ml) $5.99
Food Lion: Barefoot Cabernet or Moscato (750 ml) $5.50
Food Lion: Sutter Home White Zinfandel or Sweet Red (750 ml) $4.50
Food Lion: Yellow Tail Shiraz or Moscato (1.5L) $10.99
Harris Teeter: Barefoot Moscato or Rex Goliath Chardonnay 2/$10
Harris Teeter: Sonoma Chardonnay $12.99
Harris Teeter: Cupcake Moscato $9.99
Kroger: Franzia Sunset Blush (5lt) $9.99
Kroger: Robert Mondavi (750ml) $8.49
Kroger: Rex Goliath Pinot Grigio (750ml) $5
Rite Aid: Livingston Cellars Wine (3lt) $10.99
Rite Aid: Five Oaks Wine (750ml) $3.50
Walgreens: Liberty Creek or Yellow Tail Wine $5.99
Walgreens: Franzia or Woodbridge Wine $10.99
Walgreens: David Stone or Triada Wine 2/$10
Walgreens: Barefoot Wine $5.99

Farm Fresh: Coca-Cola (12-pk can) 5/$10
Farm Fresh: Pepsi, Diet or Mountain Dew (20-pk can) $4.99
Must buy 2
Farm Fresh: Cocal-Cola Product (6-pk 12oz btl) $4.29
Farm Fresh: Pepsi Product (6-pk 16.9oz btl) 3/$11
Farm Fresh: Super Chill Soda 2L $0.99
Food Lion: Pepsi Products (12 pk cans or 6 pk bottles) $2.50 (limit 4)
Food Lion: Coke Products (6 pk bottles) $2.00 (limit 5)
Food Lion: Pepsi Products (8 pk bottles) $3.99
Harris Teeter: Coke 12 pk Buy 2 @ $6.39 each, Get 3 Free
Harris Teeter: HT Soda 2 liter 5/$5
Kroger: Coca-Cola Soft Drinks, Select Varieties, 2 Liter – $1.19
Kroger: Pepsi Product (6-pk 24oz btl) 5/$10
Kroger: Coca-Cola Select Varieties, 12 pk, 12 oz Cans When You Get 5 Limit (5) 12 packs. – $12.00
$1/3 Coca-Cola Product, exp. 7/31/11 (Coca Cola 125 Years of Summer Fun)
Kroger: Coca-Cola Soft Drinks (8-pk 12oz btl) 3/$10
Rite Aid: Pepsi Product (12-pk can) 5/$13
Rite Aid: Simply Soda 2L $0.88
Rite Aid: 7UP or Diet (12-pk can) 3/$10.98
Earn $3 +UP wyb 3
Walgreens: Pepsi 2 liters $0.88 each Limit 3
Walgreens: Pepsi 12 pk 5/$13

Farm Fresh: Propel Fitness Water $0.50
Farm Fresh: Deer Park Water (24-pk) – $3.33
$1/2 Deer Park Multi-Pack Water, exp. 7/3/11 (RP 05/22/11)
Final: 2/$5.66
Farm Fresh: Deer Park Water (12-pk oz or 8-pk 8oz) – $2.00
$1 off Deer Park Water wyb 24-pk. Water, exp. 7/3/11 (RP 05/22/11)
Farm Fresh: Sobe and Fuze $1
Farm Fresh: Turkey Hill Iced Tea (64 fl oz) – $1.79\
$1/2 Turkey Hill Drink, exp. 8/15/11 (RP 05/15/11)
Final: 2/$1.58
Farm Fresh: Snapple Tea – $5.00
$1/1 Snapple Tea Glass Bottles, exp. 6/30/11 (SS 04/03/11)
Final: $3 each
Food Lion: Minute Maid Orange Juice (64 oz) $2.50
Food Lion: Dasani (6 pk bottles) $2.50
Food Lion: Powerade (32 oz) $.69
Food Lion: Gatorade (8 pk) $5.00
Food Lion: Gatorade (32 oz) $1.00
Food Lion:Capri Sun Drinks (1o pk pouches) $2.00
Food Lion: Nestle NesQuik (16 oz) $1.00
Harris Teeter: Deer Park 24 pk $3.75
Harris Teeter: Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry Juice $2.28
Harris Teeter: Gatorade or g2 $1
Harris Teeter: Dasani .5 liters 24 pk $3.99
Harris Teeter: Powerade $0.94
Harris Teeter: Vitamin Water $1
Harris Teeter: Sobe Bottles $1
Harris Teeter: Red Bull 4pk $5.99
Harris Teeter: Arizona Tea 128 oz $3
Harris Teeter: Tropicana OJ $3
Kroger: Deer Park Water (24-pk) – $3.69
$1/2 Deer Park Multi-Pack Water, exp. 7/3/11 (RP 05/22/11)
Final: 2/$6.38
Kroger: Kroger Water (24-pk) $2.99
Kroger: Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade Select Varieties, 32 oz – $1.25
$0.75/1 Santa Cruz Organic Item printable
Kroger: Gatorade or G2, Select Varieties, 32 oz – $0.99
$1.99/2 Gatorade or G2 (Kroger eCoupon)
Kroger: Capri Sun or Kool-Aid Jammers, Select Varieties, 10 ct – $1.99
Rite Aid: Gatorade, all varieties 32oz
$0.20/1 Gatorade Product RA printable
Rite Aid: Nestle Purelife Purified Bottled Water, 24pk 0.5liter – $3.88
$1/2 Nestle Purelife Purified Water, exp. 6/12 (SS 05/01/11 #2)
Walgreens: Arizona Tea 2/$1 Limit 4
Walgreens: Gatorade 5/$5 Limit 5
Walgreens: Ocean Spray or Genesis Today 2/$5
Walgreens: Cafe W Coffee 2/$5 Limit 2
Walgreens: Pure Drinking Water 24 pk $2.39

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