An Open Letter to Farm Fresh Supermarkets (And How To Shop There)

My Dearest Farm Fresh Supermarkets,

I respectfully write you this letter out of concern for the changes you have made in your ad over the last three weeks.  As you know you used to release a beautiful ad with all of your sale items on Tuesday.  It took us bloggers about 4 hours to go through and find all the best deals which included things that don’t have often have coupons like produce and meat.  We would post them for our thousands of readers to use to help feed their families on the budget that this economy allows. Farm Fresh is the most expensive grocery store in our area (besides maybe now Whole Foods) and this gave us a chance to shop for some nicer items as well with our savings.

Suddenly three weeks ago this short ad appeared- only two pages of deals with very large pictures- about one hundred items less than it was previously.  You assured us that the same amount of deals would be in store but in order to find them we would need to stop in and visit.  This is pretty inconvenient since I have been doing my meal planning on Tuesday night during NCIS for the past several years and enjoy the ritual.

I would come into the store on Wednesday and purchase items that had coupons but also buy supplemental items from your in house brands (which are excellent in my experience).  Plus you also have that yummy salad bar that I would sometimes get.

Now on Tuesdays I can’t get enough information to make my menu and since I have the luxury of being close to additional grocery stores I now go first to Harris Teeter.  The last time I went into Farm Fresh it took me 40 minutes to get out the door because one of your deals was set up wrong in the computer.  Additionally one of my family members will no longer set foot in the store because of how some of your staff treated her when she placed orders online.  But I continued to shop there because we had a good relationship and you were good to couponers.  Plus for some in North Carolina you are their only shopping option and I want them to have as much information to make smart decisions for their families.

So I hope that over the next few weeks we see the long ad again.  As a blogger an important part of my income is people printing coupons from my site and without the match ups that very important income is gone.  This short ad affects my budget in two ways.

Thank you for your time and I hope this helps you make future decisions about your ads and policies.

Now for my readers:

If you want to continue to shop at Farm Fresh there are a few things you can do to help you save.

Option One: Look at the coupon match ups to see what items have actually been published as on sale.  This will give you some idea of what is on sale.  Coupon match ups means that you take an item that is on sale and match it with a coupon.  Instead of you having to figure that out I do it for you!  Just check right here every Tuesday evening and you will find the most information I can give you.

Option Two: Farm Fresh has their entire inventory on their website.  Just click on Online Shopping and select your local store.  So if you have the time you can go through the store inventory by category (warning there are LOTS of them) and then use my coupon database to find the coupons that match the items.

Option Three: Head to the store and wander around.  If you have all your coupons cut you can just take your binder to the store and make matches that way.  For those of you who shop with young children or organize your coupons the way I do (by insert) that’s not really a viable options.  One plus is that if you look on the tag the dates that the sale runs will be on it.  So you can make a list of items you want to get and then go home and do research for coupons.

When you find a good deal come back and leave it in the comments section so everyone can see it.

Otherwise for those of you who have the option you can just shop at Harris Teeter for the time being.

If you would like to see Farm Fresh go back to the long ad be sure to let them know POLITELY!  You can leave a message on their Facebook Page or stop in at your local store and fill in a comment card.

So now that it has been three weeks have you changed your shopping habits at all?

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  1. Terry says

    If we all stick together and take our shopping elsewhere they will listen. Power in numbers always works especially when they see sales dropping.

  2. Sharon says

    I stopped shopping there months ago, after they bagged my fresh meat and vegis together for the third time. The first 2 times I called the store to let them know and the response was we will have a retraining meeting.

  3. kbbkbb0 says

    FYI – Franklin FarmFresh doubles $1 coupons every day(for anyone in the vicinity). Grocery shopping is not as stressful for me b/c I don’t have to do all my shopping on Wednesday to double coupons. :)

  4. Ashley says

    Another approach I take to shopping at farm fresh (when I have the time) is I sort through my coupons and put all $1 coupons in an envelope whether the item is in the sale ad or not. Once in the store I check the items and see if I am getting a good deal or not with the coupons. I print a fair amount of $1 coupons off the internet. Sometimes I find some things that are not a sale but just a great deal when you double a $1. But doing this is not quick that is why I also put the coupons in order by the shopping aisles there.

  5. Linda says

    Honestly, I haven’t shopped there in months… Since they started doing buy 2 get one free instead of BOGO. The whole point of BOGO was to get it at half price.. Now it’s not even worth it to go when I see that they have only 1 or 2 things worth going there for.

  6. Melanie says

    I have the same issue. I have small children, so the faster I get out of the store the better for everyone. I get organized on Tuesday nights with my coupons and flier so I can keep the shopping to a minimum. Wandering for an hour or more is definitely out. I don’t have time (or energy) to go once to ‘window shop’ and then again later to actually purchase. With the short ad, I usually only see one or two things I need. It’s not worth it to me. I just add those couple things to my list for Harris Teeter and pray I can at least find a coupon for them. Or I go to Wal-mart :( if I have no coupons.

  7. Rebecca says

    I find it hard to find the sale items to be available. The butcher told me he guesses the guy didn’t put out enough for the day and this was at lunch time???? Farm Fresh is close by but next door to a Walmart and directly across the street from a Food Lion surely makes it easy to find what i’m looking for somewhere else at the same price (Walmart prices matches).

  8. Ashley says

    I agree with the above comment I have not shopped at there since the short ads started. I live in Corapeake (other side of Suffolk) and I have to drive 25 minute one way. I usually wait until my twin toddlers go to bed at 8:30pm on Wed. and then I drive there. So, I am shopping late and already tired. This has definitely affected my shopping. Now I am shopping more at Walmart in Suffolk.

  9. Karen says

    I haven’t been in the 3 weeks since the ads have changed. For me, it’s not worth the 30 minute drive one way to Eliz. City for 2 or 3 items. I’d rather have my husband go to Walmart when he passes it on his way home from work and use coupons for MM’s and then get items using coupons as well as the money from the free stuff.