A Chick’s Opinion: Wii Play Motion

I got a nice surprise in the mail last week- a new Wii game to try out!   The Wii Play Motion game comes with a black Wii remote so now I had two remotes!  Time to get a friend to come help me test out the games.  So I invited a more Wii proficient friend to try out all 12 games featured on this one disk!

The twelves games are:

1- Cone Zone – you use your balance to build a tall ice cream cone.  I only played this one once. 

2- Veggie Garden- this game is completely addicting.  Remember whack-a-mole from when you were a kid?  This is a chance to relive your childhood.  I LOVED it.

3- Skip Skimmer – This one is tied for my favorite game- you skip stones across a lake. But once you get 50 points the stones change- some of them make different noises and do interesting things.  SOOO much fun!  

4- Pose Mii Plus- only played this one once as well.  It’s sort of like that TV show “Hole In The Wall.”

5- Trigger Twist- this one is tied for my favorite.  You get to save the little Mii characters from ninjas, spaceships and dinosaurs.  I think we played this one the most! 

6- Jump Park- this one confused me, but people who are more into gaming will enjoy it.  My friend did much better than I did!  It involved the Mii jumping towards targets and other items.

7- Teeter Targets- this one had the feeling of old school video games.  Lots of fun- you hold the Wii remote sideways to control a wooden teeter totter to bounce a wooden ball around the screen. 

8- Spooky Search- people on-line loved this game and it drove us crazy.  It’s basically like “Ghostbusters”- you are trying to catch the ghost and put him in a box.  I think at this point we were anxious to get back to rock skipping so we just played it once and moved on.

9- Wind Runner- LOVED this one too.  You hold your Wii remote like it’s an umbrella handle and then let the wind blow you through a course.   Had sort of a Mario Kart feel.

10- Treasure Twirl-  This one reminded me so much of Mario swimming under water except with amazing graphics. You lower your Mii as a deep-sea diver by continuously twirling the remote (as if you’re unspooling a line) and try to pull up a treasure chest. You can swing your Mii left and right as you’re descending to pick up oxygen and avoid stringing jellyfish.

11- Flutter Fly- this game drove me crazy.  You hold the remote straight up like a fan, and fan some balloons through an obstacle course. I kept popping the balloon but again, someone with more Wii skill would probably do great.  Plus as I practice I know I will get better!  

12- Star Shuttle-  I have to be honest- we couldn’t figure it out.  After a few attempts we went back to the other games we enjoyed. You control a spaceship to dock with a space station- we kept going out of orbit and blowing up.

This game is alot of fun and has something for everyone.  Four of the games can be played by four players and all of them had atleast a 2 player mode.  I can easily picture each person in a family having their favorite game that they excel at.  The skill levels varied alot so I think a variety of ages would enjoy and excel at different parts.

Once my schedule settles down I will be taking it to friends’ houses so we can try the four player level!  I can’t wait!

If you want to check out all the details and see what other people think click here to check out the game!

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  1. Gavin's Mom says

    My 2 year old loved the Cone Zone game.

    I on the other hand liked Veggie Guardin. Whack-a-Mole was my exact thought too! And watching mommy play did get a few laughs from my son!

    I was trying to explain the game to my husband and I said, “Watch for the people popping up. You don’t hit the people.” My son started saying, “Don’t hit people, Daddy!” while Hubs was trying to play! Haha!