10,000 Facebook Fan Give Away- The Cansolidator (As Seen On Extreme Couponing)

For all of the craziness that was Season 1 of Extreme Couponing there is one good comment I have heard when I talk to people who watched the show regularly.  In the first episode one of the women had a can storing system that rotated and organized her cans- helping her to use the oldest ones first and have a good idea of what products she already has.

It’s just cool.  And I have seen people in my coupon classes drool over this can organizing systemSo I thought giving two of them away might be fun.

The woman in that episode is a dear blogger friend of mine, Tiffany from My Litter.  And she has kindly agreed to sponsor my 10,000 facebook fan give away!

Featuring SmarTrac technology, the Cansolidator Pantry is a front loading system that automatically rotates up to 40 cans. This adjustable, expandable, stackable system takes the hassle out of can rotation and allows you to organize cans the way YOU want. The Cansolidator is easy to assemble and guarantees a more organized pantry in minutes. Sturdy, compact, and reliable, the Cansolidator Pantry is the perfect stand-alone solution for any pantry.

Depth: 16.5″
40 Cans
* Rotates cans on a first in first out basis 
* Holds up to 40 cans 
* Holds over 100 pounds 
* Stores small and medium cans (from tuna size all the way to medium 30 oz. cans) 
* Adjustable width (20″ at its widest)

You can check out her information on some of the other can rotating items in her post here.  She also sells these items herself as a representative of the company who makes them so feel free to look around at their inventory!

So do you want to win one of these yourself?  There are three ways you can enter:

1.   Leave me a comment on this post telling me why you need the Cansolidator.

2.  “Like” A Frugal Chick on facebook.  Leave a comment on this post letting me know.

3.  Follow A Frugal Chick on Twitter.   Leave a comment on this post letting me know.

That’s it!  Nice and simple.   Please double check your e-mail address when you leave a comment. Remember each comment is an entry so leave three seperate ones to maximize your chances!

On September 24th I will pick two winners.  Once I e-mail them they will have 24 hours to respond with their addresses.  If not, I pick another winner!

Thank you so much and good luck!

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  1. Megan P says

    The cansolidator would be useful because I have a tiny galley style kitchen and minimal storage space outside of the kitchen and trying to organize cans is near impossible.

  2. Becky says

    I like your website because I am also a frugal chick! I would like to win this dispenser because I am living in a house that was constructed in 1946 and has the same cabinets from then in the kitchen. NO UPDATES have been made by the lady I rent from. Needless to say, there is very little pantry space and this looks like it could be a lifesaver to me. In the past I would have normally purchased something like this, but I am now disabled and we are on an extremely limited budget due to only one income and my medical bills. So, any help I can get I am always totally appreciative of!!

  3. says

    I follow you on afrugalchick.com. This is an amazing product give away!! I need this since I am a mom of 3 teenages who drive my grocery budget sky high!! It is frustrating to find a perfectly good item that was hidden on the shelf but is out of date. I would love to be one of the people you pick!! Thanks!!

  4. says

    I have just gone through my stockpile and given a lot away. In the process I decided to move my stockpile to a bigger area and I have everything in rubbermaid containers while I’m moving it. I need the cansolidator to help me complete my organization project!

  5. says


    I need the Cansolidator for a few reasons. One, I am a single mother of two, and that alone means lots of canned goods and general pantry items. In addition to that, I am a childcare provider and provide meals to the children I care for. I not-so-extreme coupon regularly because I am shopping not just for my family but my daycare children also. Just yesterday, I had to rearrange all of my cabinets to try to accommodate the canned foods I purchased during a triple coupon promotion at our local grocer. This system would not only save me time in organizing, but just in my daily LIFE!

    Thanks for offering such a great item!

  6. Jackie says

    I need the consolidator to help organize my my pantry. I have cans stacked on top of each other & find it hard to find these at times. This wonderful organizer would definitely help in this area & I can stop dropping cans on my feet when trying to find things. Thanks so much for offering this as a prize, I hope I win! It would be a 1st! Fingers crossed 😉

  7. Cheryl Barnett says

    Stacking to many cans, cans following me towards my head. Hubby dropping them and they take off rolling.

  8. Gen W says

    Why do I need the Cansolidator? First time mother – she is now 2…. LOVES SPEGGETIOS!!!!! Fall is coming – soup diet for me! I am currently hobbling around on a broken ankle – How easy is it to cook can goods on one leg (better than chicken I can tell you that.) And lastly – I don’t have a pantry. Whomever designed our house must have been high, no space, no pantry no cabinet room. I am having to get creative as possible to buy anything in bulk to save a bit of change because I have no where to put it! :)

  9. Patrica says

    I am NEW to this “Frugal Chick” person…but I HAVE BEEN A frugal chick all of my life, so I feel as if I already belong 😉 I used to be embarrassed that I was so VERY frugal….but now, with the economy affecting so many, I am teaching others how to ‘pinch there pennies’

  10. says

    I need the cansolidator because we are currently working on remodeling our teeny tiny pantry we just created, and it needs all the space saving organization it can get!

  11. Adam Croyden says

    Oh, please, ohpleasepleaseplease pick me to win a cansolidator, Miss Laura. I’m thinking of buying some to organize our storage, but afraid to spend a dime on anything these days without trying it out first . . . .

    Thanks so much for all your public service & info – I’m a die-hard, loyal follower, and refer anyone who will listen for more than two seconds!

  12. April Taylor says

    THe cansolidator would be great to have. I think the kids would like to put grocerys away if we had one of these.

  13. says

    This would be lovely in my household so we could maximize our cupboard space and see more of what kind of can goods we have, instead of stacks upon stacks of mystery until we have to pull it all out…thats the worst but it can be funn to…have to be honest…I would just love the organizational help :0)

  14. Heidy Champagne says

    I need the cansolidator, with a family of 9 this would help in at least one area of my life to help me stay organized, and with lots of kids running around I need all the help I can get!!!…lol :)

  15. Tina Grindstaff says

    I need this because my stockpile has overflown onto the floors in my house – which is terrible, since my husband just lost his job (company went belly up) and we have to move into a smaller place. It’s good that I have a stockpile though. It helps in these tough times.

  16. Katie says

    This is brilliant! It would certainly help me in my couponing to keep things neat. You should see my cans right now all over the floor of the closet 😉 I do remember that episode and thinking how ‘neat’ it would be to have. Oh pick me!!

  17. melanie owens says

    I could really use a cansolidator. I’m a cancer survivor and have problems moving all my cans around and it would help me be organized.

  18. BcCarty says

    I am new to couponing and stockpiling. I live in a small condo with little storage space, at the moment, my stockpile is on the shelf in my kitchen above my cabinets. Cleo, my cat loves to walk/weave around my stockpile. I just know it is a matter of time before she starts knocking them off the shelf! I already liked you on FB, sorry do not have twitter.

  19. Katie Eskridge says

    I really need the Cansolidator Pantry. I live in a mobile home and storage is very limited. Since I became a extreme couponer, I need ways to maximize my storage area.

  20. shanti pena says

    I would so love this. I live in a very tiny house and space is at a premium. I have to stack things everywhere and anywhere i can find the room. I have stuff in my bedroom and hall closets, laundry room, you name it. This would totally make my live alot easier with organization.

  21. Alecia Bird says

    I soooo need this, we have so many cans that I can’t shut my cabinet doors. LOL, it’s good for when you need the quick food to eat. We sure could use it!

  22. julie murphy says

    I live with 4 boys and 1 man. When they put canned goods away they just put them in whereever. Plus they don’t know how to move them to look for something. I thought maybe this can help out with there “ods” organizational dyfunctional syndrome. Ha!

  23. Brittany Hepworth says

    I would love to have one of these. It would free up a lot of my cabinet space which is very little.

  24. Pattie F. says

    I would love to win one of these. I try and keep a 3 month supply of food in my house and keeping the canned goods organized would be much easier with the cansolidator!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. amanda wyrick says

    I need this because we have zero storage in our house. This would be perfect and it’s so compact that it would fit on the shelves we already have!

  26. Kristin Reynolds says

    I am a full time working mother of 6 and have very little space in my house for the amount of food & groceries that I need to buy. We have converted our sunroom and attic into bedrooms to make space for the kids but when it comes to food, we are very limited! The Cansolidator looks like a wonderful solution to such a frustrating problem!! Thank you!

  27. Amanda Blaylock says

    Cabinet space is seriously limited in our small apartment. We are trying to start a family, and money is tight with my preschool teacher salary :)Trying to stock up on canned goods is hard b/c I have no space, I would love to have this!!

  28. Teresa Benner says

    Too many cans + too little space = chaotic kitchen which is sooo stressful.Please help a poor disorganized mama out-I need more space!

  29. Samantha Royer says

    I would love to have the cansolidator! I have recently been getting in depth with couponing. What better way to start a stock pile than with having something to help me stay organized! I would so very much appreciate it :)

    Thank you!

  30. Bryan Hoffman says

    My wife and I need the consolidator because we had a flood in the basement this summer and we are very short on storage until we can afford the repairs. It would help organize our pantry and allow us to keep track of expiration dates of our canned goods.

  31. Lois Watson says

    I LOVE to buy canned goods in bulk. I have 3 boys who are trying to eat me out of house and home. This would, greatly, help me organize our food storage better

  32. Christinia Lee says

    I would greatly appreciate this because my pantry it tiny! If I could post a picture you experts would cringe!! Help me please! I also follow you on facebook :) I love getting the fb updates on my cell.

  33. Yvette Costales says


    I’m really interested in the cansolidator. Please include my name in your give-away. I really need this to organize my pantry.


  34. Nikia Hunt says

    I need the cansolidator because all my vegetables are running amok in my cupboard. Seriously, its anarchy in there. 😉

  35. Carol says

    I would love to have this for my Mother-in-law. She and her husband are 82 years old but she can outlast me in anything we do; cleaning, shopping, ironing… you name it. my Father-in-law had a bad accident last year and has been in a wheelchair since. This man was farming up until his fall so this was all new territory for them. She has cared for him from the beginning. Spending months in the hospital and now at home. She won’t ask for help so we have to make her let us help. Don’t get me wrong… she is more than appreciative. She is also very humble though. I would love to get them a stash going especially before winter. Thank you. BTW I love your site.

  36. sarah ross says

    Every since I saw this on extreme couponing I have been dying to get one. The cabinets that I currently use for my canned goods are a mess because there is not a lot of room and it makes it difficult to rotate the cans when I purchase more. I would so love to have one (or more) of these. My husband and I just started a family and we are hoping to add a sibling to our 14 month old son in the next year or two. With more kids comes more food and I want to get my stockpile ready.

  37. Nancy says

    I have 4 children and this would make it easier for me to know that we are not just shoving the older cans to the back of the cabinet. We do use one similar to this for mom’s sodas in the fridge and it works well.

  38. Alice Arnold says

    WOuld love to have a consolidator- we just retired- my hubby after 40 years in the military- me- the corporate world- to the Outer Banks and have consoliated all our “stuff” to fit into our beach box home- this would assist with our storage issues. LOVE the info you provide each week THANKS

  39. Stephanie Niavez says

    I soooo need the can consolidator because I have no organization system for my cans right now. And, since I am OCD, this would seriously help me.

  40. marta garcia says

    Hello, I liked on FB. I dont need but getting one would amazing! With small cabinet and trying to save by buying more than fits can be trouble, especially with so many hands arounds. Its a great way to use the can in a dated/purchased order. I really enjoy ur page and Congrat on that coupon workshop! I have my coupon binder and take everywhere we go. Every penny counts! thanks.

  41. Brenda Winebarger says

    I just discovered your website today. I too saw the Cansolidator on Extreme Couponing and loved it! I started couponing to help my sister, who is recently divorced. She is trying to make things better for her special needs daughter who, along with her disabilities, has several food allergies and special dietary needs. Groceries are very expensive and every cent needs squeezed to the max. To rotate canned goods so not a single item goes to waste is so important. Having to move into a smaller home and work with a smaller budget are two things that A Frugal Chick and the Cansolidator partner on very well!

  42. LynThereDoneThat says

    Follow you on Twitter. All time favorite tip was the $5 Busch Gardens Christmas Town tix. I hope they do it again this year (and I don’t miss it!)!!

  43. LynThereDoneThat says

    Space is at a premium in our condo. The Cansolidator would be a great help in organizing our pantry!

  44. Hilva Allen says

    Who couldn’t use a Cansolidator? What an amazing concept. Just found your blog today, by looking at a notice about a class you are teaching here in Suffolk. Looks amazing, and will definitely support a local girl!

  45. Jennifer Jordan says

    I need the consolidator because my pantry is out of control. It would really help me organize it.

  46. Crystal says

    I am really excited about the concept of the Cansolidator. I am sure it will make life easier for the
    older generation so they aren’t having to climb up and over to get to the back of shelves. Less expiration dates missed, I hope.

  47. Paula Carr says

    I absolutely love these! My cans are so disorganized and sitting on top of each other in a corner cupboard. When I reach for one, I usually get a few that tumble down! Ouch!

  48. Gail Dickey says

    Already liked and followed you. I need this because my kitchen is a mess. I can’t find what I need when I need it. Maybe something like this would help.

  49. Ken Fry says

    My wife just stocks up on can good’s that it take’s up so much room. We even remodeled our kitchen and still don’t have the room. With one of these I know will help with saving space..

  50. Mary says

    I like A Frugal Chick on Facebook and following on Twitter, could really use this system to organise my food storage, 7 people go through a lot of food!

  51. Courtney Swift says

    I need one because my husband forgets we have chili or soup and buys 4 cans whenever we go to the store! I can put this somewhere he can see it and hopefully that wjll fix the issue!

  52. Denicia says

    I would greatly benefit from my canned goods being organized! Right now, I kind of fumble through my whole shelf making sure that they have not expired. Please help!

  53. Nancy Flanagan says

    Hi! I love love love the Cansolidator organizing tool. I’ve always wanted one but have always been a bit apprehensive about my wants versus needs. Sigh! I dropped a can on my foot just yesterday while I was in my pantry. I could really use one of these. If for any reason..safety reasons! I kid, but no really, I could soooooo use one of these!

  54. Liz Wood says

    To say I need it would not be true as I haven gotten by without it up till now. Want would be more appropriate. To have an organizationational tool like this would just be cool. Thanks

  55. Angel Priec says

    WOW!! I have never seen this before! With a small kitchen with little cabinet space and a baby on the way this would be PERFECT for to make room for not only can food but formula!!!

  56. Brenda Peterson says

    This Cansolidator would be so nice to win. I could finally oranize my cans and not have to always rotate them.

  57. Cherie Hodges says

    This is awesome!! I this would so organize my cans and make it easy for my kiddos in the pantry to help find the can we are looking for so much easier. I hope I win and thanks for haveing such and awesome giveaway!

  58. Jenn says

    OMG I need one. The only veggies my boys eat are green beans and corn from the can and I keep a lot of it in stock along with soup. I have a stock pile but it is so hard to rotate. Please love you guys

  59. Peggy says

    I would love this since it would free up a lot of space in my cabinet, plus cans won’t be hidden deep in the cupboard and forgotten about

  60. Tabitha Dulaney says

    I eat, sleep, and live coupons! (My new addiction) I used to think coupon ppl were crazy until i saw how much money i could truly save! And it’s simple.. I need organization in my life!! Thanks for all of your info!

  61. Marsha says

    Couponing with a large family that includes 5 kids… Ages 3 to 11! This would save me sometime in the pantry! Thanks in advance

  62. says

    I liked you on Facebook. Thank you for all your tips and help how to safe and use coupons, I am couponer in the beginning having a little stockpile, but I would ove to organize my pantry with that cansolidator, so I can get a bigger stockpile.

  63. Jacque V says

    Organizing my cans…where do it start? I lost my job a couple of months ago and started to coupon. It’s been GREAT! We reconfigured the pantry bought the shelves from the DEPOT and were ready to rock-n-roll. Two months later low and behold I can’t find my cans and when I do it’s like an avalanche. I don’t want to get discouraged but I’m getting frustrated. Can Organizer please come to my rescue :)

  64. says

    I need the consolidator coz I have a lot of spices. I currently use boxes that I got from Walmart to organise my spices.
    Not only is this an eyesore in my kitchen, but I can hardly ever find anything. There are so many times that I have bought spices that I already had, or left spices I had to expire since I did not even know I had.

  65. Cheryl says

    This would be a OCD organizers dream come true. I would not have a break down when family “helps” put cans away and they would know instantly where to put them.

  66. Cathy says

    For some reason I can not get Twitter to come up when I click on the TWITTER link. I have tried 2 browsers. Is there a problem, or am I doing something wrong?

  67. Stacey Shipe says

    I really need one of these to complete my ‘stock pile’! I have my shelves, but cans take up a lot of room & this would def help me organize better! Thanks for offering this!!

  68. Dusty Hubbard says

    I would love to have the Cansolidator because it will allow me to see my stock and to rotate and use them before the expiration date!

  69. Amber says

    I need one of these because I live in an apartment with very limited space. This would be one of those great ways to stock up on canned goods and actually have room for them!

  70. Jennifer says

    Oh my!! The inventor of this thing is a genius! 40 CANS!!! organization is not the gift God gave me, so this would be a wonderful little tool in my pantry! (yes I am wiping the drool away now). lol

  71. Sharon Smith says

    Hello. I really need the consolidator because we have a small pantry and it is difficult to store my cans. I stack them and they often fall over when we go to pull something else out…. Help!

    and Thank you.

  72. Courtney Frontin says

    I follow you on Facebook! I am a stay at home mom and I have just started couponing. I have already saved so much, on average I save 70% every time I shop. I am looking to get better! I would love the consolidator to help my growing stock! My job title went from stay at home mom to couponer!!!! Please pick me! :)

  73. says

    I need the cansolidator because I am so disorganized. It would be helpful to know what I have in the pantry instead of looking and feeling around. I think planning my dinners would be alot easier… I follow you on facebook and looking forward to seeing your matchups and HT and FF! I follow you on twitter! I appreciate all your help and tips. It helps me get through my grocery shopping and not spend so much $$ anymore.

  74. says

    I loved your couponing class last night! I would love this organizer so the cans will not fall out of the cabinet on my feet when I am trying to reach one in the back and do not want to unload the cabinet to get my hands on it!

  75. Jenifer says

    Oh please pick me! My husband is constantly knocking over the canned goods that are piled high in the pantry. If only they had one of these for crackers and chips–they expire too quickly!

  76. kathy blouin-potvin says

    I need this because i have to many canned foods and could use this to really organize things..I’m sure alot of the foods are already expired to..this would help me to get more organized

  77. Donna Stevens says

    Would love to win this! My pantry is so small and with my OCD, it drives me crazy every time I open the door. This would work so awesome in there!

  78. Jon P. says

    Liked you on FB now. My organized inner geek went nuts when I saw Cansolidator on Extreme Couponing. Gotta have one.

  79. bakreations says

    I would love to have this for my mom. She has so many cans of things that some pass the expiration date before she uses them. This would help her organize them better.

  80. Jeanne Lehman says

    I follow you on facebook, and I would love to win the Cansolidator so I can organize my pantry – it needs it!

  81. Jessica C says

    We have a small pantry in our apartment and can foods is a must so we can always have some veggies and my daughters favorite *spaghetti O’s*. Having this in our pantry would work wonders for our storing :).

  82. Danielle says

    I need this because my stockpile is a MESS and I keep finding expired stuff. I need to organize and keep with it.

    daniellecorrelle @ aol.com

  83. Kasee says

    I need to win the Cansolidator because I LOVE the one that I have and I want more! I bought mine at Costco several years ago, but haven’t been able to find another one since. I end up stacking cans on top of mine, and that just isn’t the same!

  84. Tabitha Piercefield says

    I loved the can organizing system when I saw it on ” Extreme Couponing”.
    This would be so great to organize my soups, veggies and other canned goods.

  85. Paula Lee says

    OMG yes! This is the first time I have seen that. It’s awesome! My cupboards are always so unorganized…I could definitely use some help like this 😀

  86. Aura says

    We have cans piles high in my pantry and my kids keep knocking them down and theres nothing like finding expired canned goods at the back of your pantry

  87. LisKe says

    I just recently started following you on Facebook after I saw a review, I believe, it was in All You… not sure though, but glad I found you!

  88. Manda says

    I NEED the organizer badly! My cabinets are so deep, its a pain trying to stay up on the dates. This would help me not waste anymore of my can goods! PICK ME!! PICK ME!

  89. Marleen V says

    Oh my gracious…if you could see my pantry, you’d completely understand. My family won’t open the door for fear of something falling on their heads, this would help organize it!

  90. Julia says

    I would LOVE to have a cansolidator! For several reasons – It will help organize our can cupboard, it will help us jump start our food storage system and would make my husband extremely happy because we don’t really have it in our budget to buy one outright.

  91. Krystal A. says

    Who among us couponers doesn’t LOVE being more organized? I would love to have this to obviously keep my cans better organized…but it also looks like maybe my 3 year old could use it…mama needs all the help she can get!

  92. Tanya says

    I love your site and love this giveaway!!1 I love staying organized but always struggle with keeping my cabinets organized and neat to help be more productive. This organizer would help so much! I would love to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  93. Lisa Roberts says

    FB follower for awhile, with the Cansolidator I could slide across my tile, as I race the clock, to fix the crock, for supper in time, and the day would be mine.

  94. Jennifer Hamblen says

    This would be great way to help my stay organized in my little bity house. Not much room, so this would come in quite handy in my pantry of ober growing cans!

  95. HEATHER says

    I follow you on fb & twitter. Would really like a cansolidator so my cans stay more organized (as we live in the country, I stock pile the stuff and my kids cant mess up the cans)

  96. penny hyde says

    I would love to have the consolidator b/c even b/4 couponing was popular, I was stockpiling b/c we live out in the counry and c/n just run to town when needed. i still have this habit and certainly could use more organization in my life!!!

  97. Kathy McCall says

    Love your website!!! Would love to have the can organizer. I looked into buying these years ago, but they were not in my budget. Would love to have my pantry organized. Thanks again for all your great postings!!!

  98. Mandy says

    Following you on facebook as Mandy Ash, and on twitter as Doxiemomma87. Hope I win! I hate having to store my cans in my bottom cabinet in my tiny apartment. Its so hard to see things in the back. Frustrating!

  99. Kerry Reuther says

    This would be so cool to have because our kitchen cabinets are older and it is hard to get cans stacked up, so when you need / want a can you have to take most of them out of the cabinet to find the one you are looking for. Thank you for giving us the chance to win one…

  100. Lydia Shepherd says

    This would be fantastic in my pantry! Single mom so when my kids help out, it’d be so much easier for them plus make room in the pantry!

  101. Brenda says

    Liked on Facebook! I really need this cansolidator. I have a very small “pantry” if that is what you want to call it and I can never keep it all organized, this would be perfect for us.

  102. Stacy says

    To have my cans organized into something better than having them in the bench seat of my kitchen would be wonderful.

  103. Emily Baker says

    I would love a Cansolidator my pantry for my stock needs all the space saving I can make in there :)

  104. Lisa says

    I need the cansolidator because I’m having trouble organizing the soups & ravioli (and similar pastas), along with my usual canned veggies. All of the deals you’ve posted have my pantry & cabinets in my house overflowing!!!

  105. Sarah Willis says

    I’ve liked you on Facebook and Twitter (frazzledRN2be). Would love to win this! I need to get organized!!

  106. Lisa JOhnson says

    I follow you on Facebook and am loving the idea of the giveaway, perfect for all us coupon people……

  107. jennifer zeug says

    i follow you on face book and twitter andwould love one of these. i love having everything organized but it is very hard in a small aptment and this would help tremendously! i would jump up and down and cry if i won.. because i looked at them online and can not afford one because i i am a single mom of two kids, praying you pick me!love this Thank you for helping me live better and not go broke.

  108. Liz Crockett says

    I need a “cansolidator” Because the top shelf of my “Lazy Susan” broke because of the weight! Now the cans are all over my kitchen floor until my “Handy Man” can fix it, but whose to say it won’t happen again??? My bet is it will!!!!

  109. Judy Credit says

    I need this because I have no basement an very limited storage. Going to see about buying one and hopefully win one too! Thanks for the chance~Judy

  110. e says

    I follow you on facebook! I need one because I am in a mobile home with a very small kitchen. Thank you for the chance to win!!! :)

  111. says

    My (teenage!) daughters put things away in the pantry all willy-nilly. Cans of everything are just shoved anywhere at random, and I never know what I’ve got without searching. Having the Cansolidator would put my cans all in one place so I know what I’ve got and when I need to get more.

  112. April Harvell says

    This would be great to organize my can goods that are scattered all over a big drawer in my kitchen right now.

  113. Amanda Owens says

    Oh wow having cans organized in my cabinet would be so great, my young kids love to help put away groceries and the only place i have for cans is the lazy suzi thing that was installed in the cabinet when we bought the house and well my son is not the most graceful of all children and im not sure how long its gonna last when he turns it round and round to find just the right shape chicken noodle soup and i have yet to figure that out they all taste the same to me but what do i know i am just mom!

  114. Karen Jones says

    I have looked at these on there website before but can’t afford them at the moment. I would love, love, love to have one!!!

  115. Ashley says

    The cans are taking over in our house, and actually destroying shelves with the weight, so I have to limit the amount I put on them, which in turn reduces storage. I would love a cansolidator!

  116. Valerie says

    The cansolidator would be a great way to get myself better organized and able to stock more cans in my tiny pantry!!

  117. Odessa U. says

    I would use this for all my can goods that I have in my rather small size pantry. Would really help in organization.

  118. Josy says

    I already follow you on facebook and I made a twitter account just to follow you. I need this cansolidator not only for the cool factor, and the space saving, but my 2 year old reorganizes my cans daily and I’d love to know what is where instead of where baby decided to put it today!

  119. Lauren says

    PICK ME!! I try to keep my cans organized, but living with the most unorganized husband in the world, who is, as I type this, plundering through the pantry, tests my patience!

  120. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    I need the Cansolidator because I have a family of 5 so there is a lot of food to store, and I only have a few shelves in my tiny kitchen!

  121. valorie says

    my cubboards are a mess everything is stacked on top of each other,,I have to pull everything out if I’m looking for something, this would be a great can orgianizer

  122. traci s says

    i would love to have this, i really dont like rotating my cans, even though i know i need to.we keep a large amount of can goods and this would be really nice have and would save me the trouble of rotating every time i go to the store

  123. Cassie M says

    I could really use this for my cabinet! We have limited space and this would help me get organized!
    cjm92995 at yahoo dot com

  124. kristen fritsche says

    I would love to win the cansolidator because with 2 kids & 2 foster kids it would be a time-saving way to organize my stockpile!

  125. says

    I just moved into a little home, my first home in my life and I am 56 years old. I have small cabinet space for cans.
    This would be great to put my can goods in and leave room for other items.
    I watch you every Sunday on WTKR and have learned alot.
    thanks for all you do.

  126. Holly S says

    I need a consolidator because I have so many cans that they topple over, don’t sit right on top of each other and this is a stresser in my life.

  127. says

    Hi – I believe this “cansolidator” would be a benefit to my family… my almost 87 year old mother resides with us. She’s about 5′ tall and has difficulty in reaching items in the back of the cabinet. She definitely can not reach items on the top shelves!

  128. Melissa Lawler says

    I live in a very small trailer and literally have cans ALL over the house. The cansolidator would be a huge help in saving some space for me.

  129. Amber Deuel says

    I am starting to stock pill and we have 8 people in the home it would be a nice way to keep things organized!

    Thank you!!!

  130. Stacey J. says

    My pantry seems to get out of control very easily. The Consolidator would be ideal to help keep space and expiration dates under control.

  131. Shameina says

    I resently moved from a house to an apartment and I am desperately in need of this organizer. I have no cabinet space!

  132. Kim Hanson says

    I need the Cansolidator so I can keep up with the canned goods that I have and not buy too many duplicates or assume that I have something when I don’t.

  133. Crystal says

    This would make my life so much easier! My cans are always falling over or being moved around by the kids or husband, and this makes it hard to keep the products rotated properly. And my pantry is TINY:(

  134. connie says

    i need a can consolidator, i am a big coupon user and would love not to have canned goods on my washer, I don’t have any other place to store cans

  135. Vera Schulte says

    I love the idea of being better organized, my kids think I am very organized as it is. I label leftovers going the fridge with what and date. I freeze some leftover especially meat to be used another day. I try very hard to not waste, I will not buy something just because I have a coupon and do not use it regularly. But I do try new things and I would love to try the new stacker system

  136. Julie says

    I love watching you on the weekends. I missed the beginning this am, which paper has 4 inserts? Following you on facebook now too.

  137. Karen Dunn says

    What a neat idea. I really don’t need it but love that you are giving it away. Hope who gets it enjoys it. A FB fan, a twitter follower, and a just a fan of what you provide to all who want to save on their everyday bills.

  138. Katie S. says

    I would use it to organize my tiny little pantry. All of my canned goods are taking it over and I can’t find anything!

  139. Nancy says

    I would love a cansolidator. That would really help free up some space in our fridge :) I follow you on facebook.

  140. Marie Reed says

    Would definitely be easier than stacking cans in the pantry. Half the time you cannot see what is in the back and trying to organize by date is almost impossible.

  141. Carolyn says

    I need the Cansolidator because I am a mom and step mom to 5 kids in a house that was meant for 4 people! We need all the help we can get! 😉

  142. abll says

    this would help so much with organizing canned goods, i have a very hard time with organizing all of my stock.

  143. theresa kelsey says

    I need a cansolidator to help me organize and rotate my stockpile more efficiently. I love these things and would love to have one!

  144. Melanie Rochelle Bollentino says

    I would love to have this product. How handy to have it fit small sized cans, like tuna, which we go through quite a bit. This would be ideal for our emergency stockpile as well.

  145. Brandi Kendall says

    i definitely need this. i can never find what i’m looking for! i’m always digging through mountains cans to find this or that. it would be an absolute LIFESAVER! :)

  146. melinda says

    I have 3 kids and a husband and they never pull from the front! they just reach in and grab something. this would make things much better!

  147. Becca Long says

    I need one of these because my cans are so unorganized. I have a small two bedroom house so I have to stock up the items when they are on sale and just shove them anywhere there is room.

  148. Mary Becker says

    The reason I need this is Cansolidator because I have physical limitations that make it difficult for me to move my cangoods around.

  149. loretta christensen says

    I’m a facebook follower!!! I have very limited cabinet space and this could even sit on a counter.

  150. Shannon S says

    I live in a mobile home and need ways to consolidate space. Would love to have it. I love watching you on Sunday morning:)

  151. Julie says

    OMG! My husband would love this! He supports my couponing habits and reaps the benefits but doesn’t like the “disorderly” pantry. My kids and I have nicknamed him the Pantry Nazi! These would make him so happy!

  152. says

    The Cansolidator Pantry is Awesome!! Truthfully, who couldn’t use one? I want one to, or course, organize my pantry but I love the fact that nothing goes out of date. You use the oldest first. It looks so easy to use and it would condense space (which I have little of in my kitchen).
    It would also be wonderful to know what I actually have and can always see what I need to get. I am always thinking I have a canned good and find out I don’t!

  153. Amy C, says

    Oh please pick me. I have a 6 year old and a teenager who can’t put cans away to save my life. They are always just throwing them into the cabinet letting them fall where they may. Then they take from the front so I have to go digging in the back just to find the can expired. Please pick me. Thanks.

  154. Jessica says

    i am so tierd of cans being unorganized and me being unable to stack them in a way that makes the pantry look organized! I would def give these a good home :-)

  155. vicky smith says

    i could really use this it would allow me to store more cans i dont have much room so this would be aswome

  156. Tania Lex says

    I need this cansolidator! We have no space in our kitchen! Absolutely nowhere to put any food, let alone rotate it neatly. We have to use a plastic storage dresser for most of our food! I really hope I can win this!

  157. Amy Buchanan says

    I need help getting my kitchen organized so I can start couponing! The cansolidator would be the perfect starter item to get me going! I need all the help I can get, and you are just the one that can help me! Thank you for your consideration!!!

  158. Renee Propster Caffee says

    I have a wire shelf pantry and the cans always fall over so you can’t stack them. This would be a super big help for organizing my pantry.

  159. mandi Scott says

    I would love this organizer! I have a ton of can goods and have to dig through them all the time!

  160. Linda Hughes says

    I follow you on FB and twitter. Am a organize person and its driving me nuts with all my cans spread out

  161. Jessica Lynn says

    i would love to have a Cansolidator because i stock up on can goods all the time and it would most def. make my life easier when it comes to using the older can goods first :)

  162. Ronda W. says

    Oh I can really use one of these every time I send hubster to the pantry to find something he says its like looking for something in my purse and he would do anything but have to find 2 matching cans of something.

  163. Zandra Abatsis says

    I’m already a fan on Facebook, watch your segments on the Sunday news, and love your blog. I could really use the cansolidator because I have extremely limited cabinet space. It is limited difficult to see what is in the cabinet. I hate wasting cans when I can’t get to them properly and they end up expiring. This would help tremendously with my current stock as well as any extra pantry stock I can purchase. Thanks!

  164. Laurie says

    I am new to couponing and have already learned so much from your site — thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. In trying to ‘stockpile’ my items and get organized I could really use the Cansolidator. I am an organization ‘freak’ and have been struggling with how to keep things organized without spending hours doing everything. I’m homeschooling my grand daughter and want to spend that valuable time with her and not having to ‘turn’ items in my stockpile to make sure I don’t have items expiring before I can use them. This would really be a valuable tool for me. Thanks!

  165. Carrie L. says

    I need one of these bad boyz to help me organize my pantry! When u open the door, cans roll out of it & onto your toes…ouchie!!

  166. Barb Sandage says

    I need the Cansolidator so my husband will shut up about all of the cans we have on the shelf that we have to move around.

  167. says

    So need a Cansolidator! My cupboards are always an unorganized mess! I take the time after grocery shopping to pair up cans in order & by expiring date….only to come back after it’s been rooted thru several times over & see everything in shambles! Ugh…

  168. Terri says

    I already follow your posts. I would love to have this. Right now I try to stack them in the hall, but my granddaughter doesn’t like how they are organized, so she carries the cans all over the house.

  169. Nikki Goldfinch says

    I need this as my husband and I are in the process of moving out of our home and starting our next adventure. We will be R.V.ing full time. The space in an RV is so limited that it would be wonderful to have this space saver!

  170. Lillian P. says

    My pantry has now expanded into my dining room and my laundry room. I cringe whenever I ask my kids to get something hoping that a can doesn’t crush their toes! This would be perfect to keep everything neat and contained. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  171. Sasha Lindhorst says

    I need this organizer because my kids keep rearranging my pantry. I often find my cans of veggies mixed in with my boxes of pasta. It gets very frustrating!

  172. jalinda slaton says

    I would this to organize my pantry because each time someone open it, all the cans fall down.

  173. Danita says

    Now that we are trying to stockpile and do more couponing I can use this to make the most of my pantry space as well as making sure cans don’t get pushed to the back of the shelf and expire before I notice it!

  174. gabrielle says

    I follow you on FB and need the consolidator to eliminate clutter in my pantry! It would definitely help keep me more organized and able to use everything that I stockpile before it goes out of date! :)

  175. katie says

    This is the missing link I need to take my stockpile to the next level. It is so important to keep items organized so that we as couponers do not waste food and that we are able to know what we can donate to local food banks etc. Thanks so much for the chance to win and everything you do!

  176. Candace Page says

    This looks wonderful. I have been wanting to get sonething for more utilization of cabinet space so this would be great!

  177. Gina Thompson says

    I would love to have one of these to organize my cabinets. Thanks for the chance to win. I love your website.

  178. Nikki Garretson says

    I have just started couponing so don’t have a big stock pile yet. Still learning. But have VERY little cabinet space so this would be a great help!!!

  179. kelly ellis says

    I could realy use the Cansolidator i have been couponing w/ the help of your facebook page for 9 months now. Now I am starting to have issues w/ organizing my stockpile especially can goods and soups. Thank you for passing on your coupon knowledge

  180. says

    I can really use one.I have to buy alot of food for when our 6 kids and their mates come over.It would help keep things organized.Thank you for the chance to win.

  181. Angelica Angel says

    i could really use this.it would help me make the most of the space that i have and keep us from wastin food .sometimes things get pushed so far back that we dont notice them until its too late =\

  182. jari wietfeldt says


  183. Janene Scarborough says

    I need the Cansolidator because I have 6 Grandkids who love making a mess of those cans! Not to mention my older kids doing the same, It’s so hard keeping them neat and organized, this would be SO cool to have! I love it.. :-)

  184. Anna G. says

    I did like your page and follow you on twitter. I would use this can consolidator to help me organize my pantry. I have a son who has allergies so i am constently trying to organize his foods from mine so this would help and i know i would have more space. ty


  185. Judy Chaffee says

    I have just started with a small stock pile, mostly for peace of mind in case we lose our jobs. The Cansolidator would help me to use the oldest cans first and keep my pantry more organized.